Mars rover simulator

A rover simulator on Mars created for a research project.

For the project, the surface of Mars measuring 100 by 100 km was recreated using satellite images.

The rover model moved in accordance with the atmospheric and gravitational conditions of this planet.

Mobile application for IOS

Demonstration of the application concept of Phoenix Contact products in the field of industrial safety;

Display of the main technical characteristics of the products;

Three-dimensional interactive display of technological objects on the screen;

Demonstration of the products operation as a part of the safety systems: simulation;

Auxiliary safety calculator of SIL levels;

Expert recommendations and suggestions for the company's products depending on the required SIL/PL levels;

Digital Presentation System

The interactive digital catalog of electronic components and systems for marine and shipbuilding industry. Full complex presentation with the video clips, 3d interactive models and digital documentation of the products.

Digital Twin

The digital twin of the ship with sensors and system for measurement technologies use on tank installations within marine and industry. Visualisation technological process of work inside high precision sensor and integrated automation systems.

Airport simulator

The simulation project of the airport control & reconstruction process. The project created for airport control company.

International Research Center

The project is part of an international research cluster in the field of nuclear energy

Digital presentation of facility design concept

Nuclear Power Plant application

The application makes it possible to become familiar with the design and the power generation technology on the contemporary nuclear power plant.

It shows the resistance to the extreme external influences (earthquake, explosion and falling of flying object, snow loads) in the interactive mode and also with the operation mode of the security systems in the emergency mode (rupture of the pipeline).

The application is based on technological solutions of the nuclear power plant project.

Multimedia interactive control system for megayacht

Multimedia interactive control system with multitouch control for megayachts.VMY application is a 3D simulated mega yacht interior with components of interactive motion through several vessel’ compartments: bridge, media room, cinema, bar and restaurant.

Video data from real navigation systems is grabbed via VGA-to-Ethernet converters and screened on sufficient bridge’ displays. Quick zoom in on chosen display and video display is in full screen mode visualization.